Building a Common Ground

We want to challenge and question the existing frameworks by bringing different perspectives together. Our aim is to building a common ground for everyone regardless of gender, religion, disability, age etc and we strive for speaking out against inequalities. 

How do we do that? By challenging the stakeholders who have responsibility and hold power. By listening to the ones reaching out to us and wanting our advice regarding work, education related matters in the architectural fields. By writing articles/debates and organising events, where we raise awareness and aim to create positive change. By collaborating with organisations and institutions, since working together creates synergies and diversity.

The possibilities are endless and we would love to hear from you in case you have suggestions of how we can even more engage to promote and advocate for more diversity.

Promoting Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities are a fundamental right, regardless of age, disabilities, gender, race or ethnic origin, socio and economic backgrounds, religion or sexual orientation. We contribute to cultural and structural changes through advocacy, knowledge dissemination and collaboration.

Sharing Knowledge and Solutions

We operate on a foundation of knowledge to change and promote diversity and gender equality in a contemporary context, both nationally and internationally. Collecting data and knowledge is at the core of our work together with the development and use of tools to support and encourage change.

Creating a Community

Our mission is to encourage collaboration and inspire people around us to partake in building a better future for everyone. We create a platform where individuals, companies and organisations can share their experiences, discuss solutions and develop common goals.